What are the Most Common Workplace Injuries and How to Best Prevent Them?

Accidents will happen, especially in the workplace where hundreds of thousands of incidents are documented each year. This is why it is crucial for every business owner to take the right precautions to prevent them, and even have injury management services that companies like http://www.actevate.com.au/ provide in case an accident does happen.

However, even the most prepared worker or business owner can still experience accidents. In line with that, we have listed down some of the most common injuries in the workplace and useful tips to keep this from happening:

1) Slips, Trips and Falls

Regardless of your work setting — a shop, a factory or even inside an office — you will come across slippery surfaces that might cause you to stumble and fall. The same goes for people that work from elevated platforms such as a ladder or scaffolding. Falls from these situations can be dangerous as it may lead to serious injuries to your head, neck or back.

You can keep accidents like this from happening by:

  • Cleaning spills as soon as they are discovered
  • Making sure people are informed of wet spots with proper signage
  • Place non-skid tape on areas that people usually walk on
  • Install handrails in areas where foot traffic is heavy

2) Muscle Strains

Another injury that commonly happens at the workplace is muscle strains. Workers that lift heavy items are prone to this kind of injury, which is usually felt in the neck and back areas of the body. Injuries like these should be taken seriously.

Leaving this sort of injury unchecked can sideline an employee for quite some time. In situations like this, an injury management physician like the ones http://www.actevate.com.au/ may be needed to help the worker get back to work in a safe and efficient manner.

Fortunately, muscle strains can be prevented with proper information dissemination on the right lifting methods.

You can prevent muscle strains from happening by:

  • Conducting seminars on proper lifting techniques
  • Reminding employees of smart ways to lift by placing signs in visible areas
  • Providing safety harnesses and other lifting aids to those that need it
  • Consulting with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health for the proper weight limits

3. Injuries Caused by Falling Objects

Plenty of workers suffer injuries after getting hit by falling objects in their work environments. These incidents are also not limited to those that work in a warehouse setting. Objects like books and plates can just as easily fall from a bookshelf or cupboard, and can cause some injuries like gashes, bruises or even a concussion.

You can help keep this kind of injury from happening by:

  • Putting in place protocol that limits or restrict items from being placed on the top shelf
  • Making sure files are properly secured in cabinets with the right locking mechanisms
  • Reminding employees to clear their workstations of unnecessary things and to make sure all their items are kept in the proper areas

As mentioned, you can be an employee that adheres to workplace safety practices all the time but that still won’t keep accidents from happening. These incidents will happen, and in the event that you do experience one and suffer an injury because of it, don’t worry. There are companies like http://www.actevate.com.au/ that can help you recover and back to your efficient, productive self in no time!

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