Mental toughness: What is it and why is it important?

It’s not easy to stay strong today. With plenty of distractions and the fast rate of technological advancements, even “strong” adults could break down. Now, even though it’s best to consult mental health experts, such as, you can still learn how to become mentally tough.

In this article, we will discuss mental toughness. Cultivating it may not be an overnight journey, but you will get there. It is your brain, after all.

What is the meaning of mental toughness?

Mental toughness is the ability of a person to resist and overcome challenges. When one has the strength to brush off negativity and hurdles (albeit without suppressing them), they have mental strength. With mental toughness, a person can succeed or achieve a goal—mental toughness is a tool and shield.

Signs a person has a mental toughness

1. They have a winner’s mindset.

Their eyes are always on the prize. They have no time for self-pity and loser talk. With this kind of focus and mindset, they can resist the naysayers and then get rid of self-doubt.

2. They bounce back quickly.

They might get bothered, but it won’t last for long. They let themselves get sad and mope around for a while. But after that, they dust off their woes and come back stronger.

3. They know how to focus.

It can be difficult to focus if you’re not mentally tough. People with mental strength can discipline themselves and complete their tasks. This circles back to number 1 because a desire to win underlies a person’s ability to laser-focus.

4. They can deal with pressure.

Stress is inevitable, whether we like it or not. The difference in mentally tough people is that they can manage it. They know burnouts won’t help them achieve their goal. That’s why they take time to breathe, so they can be more productive in the long run.

5. They take the time to prepare.

In order to win, one must know how to plan. Mentally strong people know that the greatest things take time. And, a lot of preparation. Moreover, they also know things are not perfect all the time. So, they also prepare for the worst.

Why is mental toughness important?

Not only will developing mental strength help you achieve things, but it will also keep you healthy. For instance, as we’ve mentioned, mentally strong people know how to manage their stress. Humans may be wired to withstand stress, but too much of this can be harmful to the heart.

Now, mentally tough people know their goals are important, but sustaining their wellbeing is more crucial. Knowing this, they take more actions to preserve their wellbeing. A few examples are taking a break, doing self-care methods, doing their hobbies, and even recovering from setbacks faster. They can do this with or without the help of mental health pros such as those from

How do you get mental toughness?

  • Develop an internal locus of control.
  • Ignore or laugh at negativity or distractions.
  • Accept that life is composed of difficulties.
  • Try not to be a flake. Commit yourselves to people, events, projects, etc.
  • Create your own motivation. Don’t depend on external validation (ex. rewards, likes on social media, recognition, money, etc.).

Do you want to become mentally tough?

The first step to achieving mental strength is to get in touch with professionals. With their objectivity, you might find some parts in yourself you haven’t discovered yet. This might help you cultivate your mental strength.

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